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Ferrari Corso Pilota is a specialized training program designed exclusively for Ferrari clients. This program provides an opportunity to enhance driving skills, confidence, and ability by attending a series of courses. The three-part sequence is designed to engage participants in increasingly technical and complex activities, building upon the skills acquired in earlier courses. The courses are delivered at an ideal pace with a low student-to-teacher ratio.

Event Locations and Dates

The Thermal Club, CA

  • March 22 – 23 | SPORT
  • March 24 – 25 | SPORT
  • March 27 – 28 | SPORT
  • March 29 – 30 | ADVANCED

Circuit Of The Americas, TX

  • May 3 – 4 | SPORT
  • May 5 – 6 | ADVANCED
  • May 10 – 11 | EVOLUTION
  • May 12 – 13 | CHALLENGE

Indianapolis Motor Speedway, IN

  • July 18 – 19 | SPORT
  • July 20–21 | ADVANCED

Utah Motorsport Park, UT

  • September 20–21 SPORT
  • September 22–23 | ADVANCED

The Concours Club, FL

  • October 10 – 11 | SPORT
  • October 12 – 13 | SPORT
  • October 14 – 15 | ADVANCED

The training program begins with the Sport level, followed by Evoluzione+, and finally the Race Course. Participants will have the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to compete safely in the Ferrari Challenge series. Professional instructors with years of Ferrari driving experience will provide lessons and insights throughout the training program. Each instructor is ideally equipped to instruct and develop drivers at every level.

Review what each course has to offer and contact our team for more information on how to schedule your Corso Pilota experience today. Explore all the available locations, dates, and frequently asked questions below! As the official Ferrari dealer in Golden Valley, we look forward to building a lifelong relationship with all our clients and ensuring that we exceed all your expectations. We invite you to stop by anytime to visit us or contact our team with any questions!

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Course Offerings

The Corso Pilota Sport Course is a two-day program that focuses on providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of sport driving techniques. The course uses Ferrari cars for track work and vehicle control exercises and is based on an exclusive, personalized teaching method. Up to 28 customers are divided into four groups and receive direct and engaging instruction on the most efficient driving position, progressive acceleration, and brake control, and establishing precise driving lines through bends.

The program also includes thrilling car control exercises that demonstrate conditions and application of power oversteer. Additionally, the course provides an excellent opportunity to become familiar with the actual performance of various Ferrari models thanks to a program that lets you experience different electronic vehicle control setups. The practical instruction is complemented by several theory sessions aimed at giving a more in-depth insight into driving techniques and helping drivers analyze vehicle behavior.

Experience the Sport Course for yourself on select dates around the United States. The Thermal Club in California will host the Sport Course on March 22 – 23, 24 – 25, and 27 – 28. The Corso Pilota Sport Course will also be at Circuit Of The Americas in Texas May 3 – 4, at Indianapolis Motor Speedway July 18 – 19, at Utah Motorsport Park September 20–21, and at The Concours Club, FL October 10 – 11 and 12 – 13.

The Evoluzione+ Course is an advanced driving program that builds on the skills learned in the Ferrari Corso Pilota course. It focuses on helping drivers apply sports driving techniques to everyday situations through dynamic skill trials and advanced track sessions. During the training program, participants get to explore the performance of both road-going Ferraris and the 488 Challenge Evo race car.

The two-day course divides 20 participants into groups of four, giving each person the chance to develop their Ferrari driving skills on the road while also experiencing the excitement of driving the 488 Challenge Evo race car. The course uses competition cars and tires to enhance driving techniques and excitement, with in-depth telemetric analysis providing valuable feedback. Moreover, the course adopts a highly personalized approach to teaching, dedicated to improving the technique and personal performance of each participant through intensive use of data acquisition systems. Contact us today to book your Evoluzione+ Course experience at Circuit Of The Americas in Texas on May 10 – 1!

The Ferrari Corso Pilota Race Course is an exciting program that offers track driving sessions with the 488 Challenge Evo. Participants are trained on basic racing techniques such as starting, overtaking, race procedures, car setup methods, and rules and regulations. The program uses a combination of chronometric and telemetric assessments to help participants gain familiarity with the fundamentals of racing.

The Race Course is the ultimate expression of sports driving instruction dedicated to Ferrari customers. It is a two-day course that builds on the concepts developed in the previous two programs. Ferrari has created the Race Course to provide highly professional and technically advanced instruction to bring customers closer to the world of Ferrari racing. The program provides in-depth training aimed at perfecting driving techniques and maintaining consistent performance over timed track sessions. Participants also learn how to participate in the Ferrari Challenge professionally, competitively, and safely! Reach out to our team at Twin Cities Performance today to schedule your Ferrari Corso Pilota Race Course experience.

Corso Pilota FAQs

Corso Pilota is a Ferrari Performance Driving School.

Each Corso Pilota course is an all-inclusive two-day event involving classroom and racetrack sessions.

Corso Pilota is available exclusively to current Ferrari owners and prospective (wait-list) clients who are at least 18 years of age.

Sport Course - Up to 28 driving participants Evoluzione+ Course - Up to 24 participants Race Course - Up to 10 participants.

Corso Pilota driving courses are designed specifically to accommodate all driving levels. Ferrari owners who have no on-track experience are encouraged to participate and learn how to get the most from a Ferrari on track. For those interested in pursuing racing, the progression of Corso Pilota from Sport through Race allows owners to go Ferrari Challenge racing.

Yes, you can purchase guest passes for $1950 during the registration process. Guests are invited to observe all program activities* at the hotel and track. A spa treatment is also included. *Please note, guests are not permitted to drive.

Yes! Our tracks are certified by the highest safety standards in racing.

In addition to professional driving instruction and curriculum from Ferrari, each Corso Pilota course package includes:

  • Daily breakfast and lunch, and two group dinners
  • Luxury hotel accommodations
  • Transportation to and from the racetrack
  • Ferrari hospitality and event memorabilia
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